WordPress Design

WordPress Design

When designing your site we can design your site from scratch or use a pre-made WordPress Template or . A bespoke design is tailored to meet your exact needs whereas pre made templates help you get up and running in no time.

Conversion Design

You have only a short period of time to grab the attention of visitors to your website, so it’s critical that your site is visually engaging.  We focus on transforming visitors into customers by creating engaging designs that produce enquiries and sales.

Responsive Design

The use of internet on mobile devices is outperforming traditional desktop access. It is very important to have a responsive WordPress website that is 100% accessible and adapts seamlessly, so as to provide a rich user experience whatever the device. Every website we create is mobile tested and ready.

Keep it Simple

Websites enriched with visually appealing designs like images, graphics and interactive elements will grab people’s attention the most. Our usage of innovative technology such as CSS, HTML and Javascript enable us to create  beautifully designed, interactive sites that not only are simple to use but engaging too.

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Recent Projects


We worked with Devitt to implement a brand new design and user experience as well as increasing and updating the functionality of the existing website.

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Loki Wine wanted a new website with a clean, modern look that made better use of its images, and provided clear user journeys to event and wine list details.

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